Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dad and son conversation

Chase, "daddy will you still be on the radio when you are granddads age?". Ched, "I don't know son".
Chase, "Please daddy please?!!"
Ched, "well maybe"
Chase, "yes! Yes!! Yes!! Because when I'm your age, I'm gonna be a basketball player, and you can talk about me!"

Dyeing eggs

Monday night we got to dye eggs with some friends. It was so much fun. My kids had a blast without me helping at all. Chase had 2 finished in 2 sec. Cami enjoyed moving her egg around in the dye. Izzy took her time and decorated hers perfectly. I was so impressed with their eggs. Cami drew a picture of me on an egg. Chase wrote his name with crayon and marker. And then they also added some stickers. We used the Razorback room at Jim's Razorback in Prairie Grove. Celesta took on the decorating and it was amazing. She also brought the eggs! I decided to try dyeing the eggs using kool aid. I got the idea from pinterest. It smelled good enough to drink.... However no sugar and only 2/3 cup of water plus all the kids fingers, no way . We also had markers, rubber bands, watercolor paint and stickers. We ate pizza and Becky brought great brownies and rice crispy treats! We had 17 people there. It was a great Family Fun Night.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cami is writing!?

Today we were outside and I wrote her name in chalk and ask her if she could tell me the letters. She did so I asked her if she could write her name and this is what she wrote!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Riverside Park

Spring Break At Nana and Papa's

We had tons of fun giving our friends Jarrett, Giana and their momma Celesta a tour of some of the interesting places around Sandtown.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chase's scooter, spring break, and tball

Chase loves his electric scooter. He also needs a haircut! First day of spring break! Perfect weather. I told them we were going outside. So if they are sunburned tomorrow everyone will know why- mean mom would not let them go inside.

Chase had his first t-ball practice of the year this morning. Ched is coaching and I am evidently organizing. So I guess I am the "baseball mom" instead of soccer mom. Emails, excel docs, attachments, phone calls, researching baseball uniforms can now all be added to my resume under t-ball coordinator???

Also under that hair is an incredibly large egg on his forehead. He was standing on top of the dog house that had not been completely put together and fell onto the concrete.